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Arm yourself for optimum security

The more different uses and technologies there are, the more attack surfaces there are. That’s why our experts are involved in every stage of your projects, from solution study to integration, architecture design and, last but not least, outsourcing of your solutions.

Product Expertise

Select and deploy the technology best suited to your defenses

Almond’s challenge for your protection is to provide expertise in all the technologies that serve your defenses, combining return to the field and independence.

For many years now, we have been cultivating:

  • Our relationships with the main software publishers and manufacturers,
  • Field feedback on integration and outsourcing,
  • Our consulting independence.

This balance is Almond’s strength!

Managed Security Services

Make sure your information system and its defenses stay on top over the long term

The best technologies alone do not guarantee the smooth running and security of your information systems and data.

Through MSSP-type managed services, we ensure the protection of your assets and enhance the value of your investments by providing cutting-edge technical expertise, rapid response and operational flexibility, enabling us to outsource your security solutions.

Our managed services cover your security, infrastructure, system and cloud solutions:

  • Security maintenance: continuous optimization of settings and configuration to make the most of the security features of your solutions.
  • Maintenance in operational conditions (infrastructure and application supervision, backup management, update management, incident management)
  • Change and upgrade project management
  • Personalized customer support
  • Complete, transparent customer extranet
  • Service commitments based on customer needs (response times, recovery times, availability rates, etc.).

Almond is able to complement these MSSP services with a range of MSP and hosting services, all within a unified approach and governance.

Vulnerability Management

Identify your vulnerabilities and remediate effectively

The discovery of new vulnerabilities continues at a frenetic pace, and they are increasingly quickly exploited by Threat Actors of various levels.

Managing these vulnerabilities is a tedious yet essential task, particularly for sensitive assets exposed on the Internet or on the front line: workstations, servers accessible directly from distribution networks…

Almond’s managed vulnerability watch and vulnerability scanning services, together with its tools for monitoring vulnerabilities throughout their lifecycle, make it easy to:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities that really need to be considered, and prioritize their treatment
  • Arbitrating between the security risk and the production risk, and choosing the right remediation option: patch, configuration change, architecture modification, etc.
  • Monitoring the deployment of remediation measures
  • Recording and regular challenge of security exceptions granted

Cloud & IT infrastructure security

Ensure the fundamentals of IT and Cloud infrastructure security

We help you define and implement architectures to protect the heart of your infrastructures:

  • Your workloads, whether in IaaS in the cloud or on-premises,
  • The PaaS and SaaS services on which they depend,
  • Your networks with state-of-the-art firewalls,
  • Web access,
  • Mobile access.

Identity & access management

Take control of your incoming data!

When it comes to security, access and usage authorizations are key issues:

Almond offers various identity and access rights management solutions with multi-factor authentication.

Endpoint protection

Defend where all attackers go: the endpoints

As employees’ working habits evolve, so does security. Whether within the company, telecommuting or on the move, every workstation or mobile must benefit from the same security guarantees, involving:

  • Encryption
  • Attack prevention
  • Detection and containment of threats
  • Remediation in the event of an incident

Application security

Don’t leave your applications out of reach

Comb through your applications for optimum security:

  • Automated audit of your development source code,
  • Secure your SaaS applications and collaboration platforms (M365).

A wide range of services

We work on a wide variety of projects:

  • Consultancy, project management and/or project management services
  • Integration and support
  • Managed services & facilities management
  • Support through delegated expertise

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