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Cyber Assessment

Are you protected against cyber risks?

Benefit from a 50% subsidized audit by the Grand Est Region

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Almond offers you a cyber maturity assessment subsidized by the Grand Est Region

Benefit from a 50% subsidized audit

Rapid response (10 days) based on an information systems security audit


Almond has been approved by the Grand Est Region as a service provider for regional cybersecurity assessments.

Our certifications

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Checking your eligibility

Submitting the file


Are you wondering about your company's ability to cope with cyber risks?

Perform a diagnostic to assess your level of cybersecurity maturity and define an action plan.


The scheme

  • Benefit from an audit subsidized at 50% by the region, up to a maximum of €5000 out of a total cost of €10000 excluding VAT.
  • A rapid 10-day intervention, based on a security audit of your company’s information systems.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are a company: SME with fewer than 250 employees or Intermediate-sized company with fewer than 5000 employees
  • Registered in the Grand Est region

Our services

Organizational Audit - Technical Audit - Security Rating

  • Assess the current level of IS security
  • Provide the means to assess and control IS security levels
  • Identify the main risks to be covered and determine the actions to be taken to address them
  • Define a concrete, operational roadmap​
  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Organizational and technical recommendations

Organizational audit

Raising awareness and training

Know your information system and maintain it

Authenticate and control access

Secure workstations

Secure the network

Secure IS administration

Knowledge of IS vulnerabilities

Supervise, audit, react

Technical audit

Improve performance and that of the ecosystem

Assess cyber maturity and ecosystem maturity

Create an ecosystem of trust

Security Rating

Evaluate and continuously improve your cyber performance.

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