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Coaching, why?

For what:

  • Supporting professionals in their work
  • Providing technical or functional expertise in ISS
  • Asking the right questions in terms of technical coverage, risks, etc.

For who:

  • Anyone new to ISS, taking up a new position, needing to deal with new situations (digitalization of ISS, development of new products, change of strategy, responses to emerging issues).
  • In groups or individually

Operational coaching


  • Practice intrusion techniques
  • Adapt tests to your environment

We support you in the following areas:

  • Testing in practice
  • Technical risk analysis
  • Technical and business exchanges on detected flaws
  • Report writing

This coaching provides you with the experience of an expert in penetration testing, during a real test carried out by you. This real test could, for example, be carried out on an application or technical perimeter belonging to you, or for which you are responsible within your company.

This course is designed for anyone with the necessary theoretical grounding who wishes to move on to the very practical aspects of the activity, with the aim of actively pursuing this path.

23-hour package (3 non-consecutive days)

Dates on request


  • Defining and formalizing strategy
  • Developing skills and tools
  • Identifying the objectives to be achieved as part of the coaching program

For who:

  • Information System Compliance
  • Information Security Management
  • Information System Resilience
  • The proposed method consists of combining continuous practical training, the joint completion of tasks and the consolidation of experience, all within a highly personalized framework.

This course is designed for all those with the necessary theoretical grounding who wish to grasp the more practical aspects of the activity: CISOs, Risk Managers, CIOs, IT Managers.

23-hour package (3 non-consecutive days)

Dates on request

Professional coaching

See things more clearly in a privileged, defined space of time, at the service of your operational objectives and for concrete, measurable results in your professional and personal life.

Call on a professional who knows your issues inside out: the role and positioning of the manager in the face of pressure from schedules and performance targets; adopting the right communication strategy to reconcile the necessary rigor in your activities and your relationship with others; deploying talent and leadership through self-knowledge and self-management.

Almond Institute, a specialist in IS and risk management, wants to provide you with the best possible support in your day-to-day work, and offers you the expertise of a coach from your own business.

  • Management coaching: support when taking up a new position, integration into a new organization and improving overall performance.
  • Coaching focused on relationships: team building, cross-organizational interactions, etc.
  • Person-centered coaching: deploy your talents and potential for the benefit of the team, manage your emotions, etc.
  • Building a shared vision and a collective synergy contract
  • Defining and testing roles

How a coaching program works

2-hour initial meeting between coach and coachee, at the end of which both parties can decide whether or not to start coaching and outline the appropriate program.

23-hour package including 3 tripartite meetings:

  • A one-hour tripartite meeting between the coach, the coachee and, depending on the coachee’s profile, the HR department or manager, to define the overall coaching objectives included in the contract,
  • 8 coaching sessions of 2 hours,
  • an intermediate tripartite meeting of one hour if necessary,
  • a final coaching review session: 1h tripartite and 2h with the coachee.

When tripartite sessions are not necessary, a package of 10 2-hour coaching sessions (including the 1st appointment) can be arranged.

Group coaching: a specific approach tailored to your needs

Possibility of taking the Process Com personality inventory.

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