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Delegate your operations and hosting to our managed services.

Our cutting-edge technical expertise, rapid response times and operational flexibility enable us to manage and host your critical applications and infrastructures in total security.

Managed Services

Delegate your IT, Cloud and security operations to the best of MSP & MSSP services

The best technologies alone do not guarantee the smooth running and security of your information system and data.

Through MSP-type managed services, Almond ensures the outsourcing of your information system by providing cutting-edge technical expertise, responsive intervention and operational flexibility, enabling us to manage and host your critical applications and infrastructures in complete security.

These managed services cover your infrastructures, web and business applications:

  • Maintenance in operational conditions (infrastructure and application supervision, backup management, update management, incident management)
  • Change and upgrade project management
  • Personalized customer support
  • Complete, transparent customer extranet
  • Service commitments based on customer needs (response times, recovery times, availability rates, etc.).

Almond is able to complement these MSP services with a panel of MSSP, SOC and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services, all within a unified approach and governance.


Host your assets in our datacenters, in the public cloud or in hybrid mode

In addition to our MSP and MSSP activities, Almond is able to host all or part of your information system, while respecting security, availability, localization and sovereignty constraints, using the following hosting capacities:

  • High-availability Almond Private Cloud hosting (Paris, New York, Geneva)
  • Hosting on dedicated physical infrastructures
  • Cloud hosting

A wide range of services, products and solutions

We operate in a wide variety of fields:

  • IT management, cyber security or IT + cyber security: MSP / MSSP (SOC, MDR)
  • Consultancy in IT operations organization, Cloud or cyber security
  • Hosting on Almond datacenter or on Azure

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