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Identify the risks, define the rules, prepare your defense.

While zero risk is illusory, every organization can determine and maintain a relevant balance in terms of security: this is what we call optimal security. To keep this notion in focus, there is only one solution: anticipation!

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Know your adversaries, and how they see you!

To defend efficiently, focus resources where they are needed and correctly assess risks, it is essential to have accurate information on the threat and to know your adversaries, their ambitions, tactics, attack techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Almond’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team collects & analyzes cyber data from several sources, both internal and external, enriches and contextualizes this information to model cyber threats and disseminate strategic, tactical, operational and technical intelligence to inform your decisions and boost your defenses.

Our approach to CTI is resolutely French and European, giving us a more balanced view than CTI, whose barrel is always pointed east.

Asset management

Don’t let your adversaries have a better grasp of the battlefield: your information system

One of the few advantages of defense over attack in the cyber domain is that the battle takes place on our own turf, our information systems.

But we need to know this terrain and master it: most companies are neither banks with gold reserves, nor Spanish inns with unrestricted access.

Almond’s expertise lies in providing the technologies, processes and experience to map your assets and activities and control your perimeters.

Gouvernance & Risk Management

Know how to organize, finance and optimize your defenses through risk management and appropriate governance

To manage risk, nothing beats a pragmatic approach, rooted in operational reality and based on dialogue with the business.

Our obsession at Almond is to fully understand the specificities of each business and to take into account the reality of the threat. We offer our services to all sectors (industry, finance, services, healthcare, defense, leisure, distribution…), taking into account the challenges specific to each field.


What if compliance management became your strength?

Almond’s know-how consists in calling on the right reference systems to transform constraints into opportunities, as well as on the most relevant experts.

Integrators, hosts, engineers, legal experts… they all have rich and varied backgrounds. Above all, they are passionate about their chosen fields, and make the most of their many certifications: PCI DSS QSA, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer & Lead Auditor, ISO 27005 Risk Manager, eBIOS Risk Manager, CDPO, CISSP, CISA, CISM…

Penetration testing

Assess the security of your assets before hackers do it for you!

To ensure the security of your information systems and data, it’s vital to put your defense system to the test and measure its real effectiveness.

This is precisely the mission of Almond’s technical auditors in Offensive Security’s black-box and grey-box / Red Team penetration testing approach: to reproduce as faithfully as possible the attacks of hackers at different levels, in order to test any type of perimeter: a simple website (shop window, e-commerce, business…), a more heterogeneous environment, or even a complete information system.

In this exercise, the technical skills of the testers are crucial. With the benefit of strategic intelligence and ongoing training, our dedicated consultants are not content with automated attacks, but with a tailor-made approach that guarantees the most comprehensive audits possible of your systems and applications. Security is no joke.

Finally, Almond’s experts can complement penetration tests with white-box audits, involving in-depth collaborative analysis between your teams and ours. The idea is to go through the looking glass and check the security of the perimeter at the level of its design: architecture, source code, infrastructure configuration.

Security Rating® by Almond

If you had to give yourself a score for cybersecurity, what would it be?

To help you situate yourself and better appreciate your progress, Security Rating® provides a quantified representation of your organization’s cyber performance and maturity.

Security Rating® is a solution developed by our sister company and partner Board of Cyber.

Almond’s Security Rating® Service Center is staffed by operational, legitimate cybersecurity consultants, whose aim is to support you in your day-to-day use of the solution.


Train and educate your employees, management and IT & security experts

Security involves raising awareness and training all employees according to their role.

Almond’s major challenge is to convince each employee of the reality of the threats targeting his or her organization, to make them understand the stakes and better accept the constraints posed by security measures, to increase their level of vigilance and train them to prepare for a crisis.

For IT and security staff, this also involves training and certification via the Almond Institute.

A wide range of services, products and solutions

We deliver our anticipation services in a wide variety of forms and modalities:

  • Consultancy services
  • Audits
  • Managed services
  • SaaS services
  • Assistance and CISO by delegation
  • Subscription-based monitoring services
  • Training platform
  • Crisis management exercises
  • Training center

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