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ISO 27001

We support you in implementing and improving
of your ISO 27001 ISMS

Taking into account your strategic challenges and objectives

By assessing your existing security and governance systems

Defining the scope of your ISMS and the roadmap for its implementation

Supporting your teams in change management

Bruno Meneuvrier CISO at Aviti

“We were surrounded by highly competent people, both for training support and for the implementation of our ISMS, as well as for the audit part”

Your roadmap

  • Identify your business, your challenges, your objectives and the needs of your stakeholders.
  • Identify the scope of your future ISMS
  • Analyze business-related risks to define the efficient measures to be planned to deal with them
  • Analyze the gaps between your existing system and the standard
  • Determine the compliance plan with associated responsibilities and resources

Building the ISMS

  • Accompanying your company and your teams in the change management process
  • Raise your teams’ awareness of the ISMS process
  • Lead the implementation of the compliance plan
  • Defining and implementing  monitoring and control of your ISMS
  • Strengthen your ISMS teams through our ISS offers: compliance of your document base, incident response, crisis simulation, etc.

And continuously improve it

  • Support your CISO and his teams in their roles within the certified ISMS
  • Audit the ISMS regularly: governance, practices and controls
  • Make your teams aware: by applying your program and/or using our BYCE product
  • Maintain permanently the training of your ISMS actors by an adapted formula going from the ISMS coaching to the certified training

The benefits

Have a personalized roadmap

Achieve your goals on time

Mastering your ISMS