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My background

I graduated from an engineering school, ECE Paris, in the “information systems, big data and cybersecurity” major. The special feature of this curriculum is that it introduces us to as many fields as possible and lets us choose what to study in greater depth on our own. Thanks to this, I was able to acquire a solid range of knowledge and skills in a large number of IT-related fields. My final internship was in penetration testing and development of “Docker” technology.

I chose to complete my curriculum by doing a specialized master’s at “Skema Business School” in project management. This enabled me to acquire two certifications, “Prince2” and “AgilePM”, in addition to the various skills required of a project manager. I did my work-study year at Thales Services as an assistant program manager, which enabled me to put into practice what I’d learned in the master’s program, which was already very practical.

My missions

I joined Almond in March 2019 within the “Digital Technology” business unit. My choice was decided by the very good first impression, since confirmed, of the company and the relationships between the people working there, in addition to the good reputation they had with my former colleagues. This business unit enables me to combine my two educational backgrounds, bringing my functional skills to the fore while relying on my technical background from engineering school.
My first mission was a governance mission for an ISO 27001:2013 ISMS implementation project in nearly 26 countries. Together with the group’s internal security team, we worked with group entities to implement the standard’s controls and best practices.

During 2020, I took on a series of shorter missions, such as cybersecurity, organizational and process audits, and project framing. In 2021, I carried out an mission as international information security project manager for a major French luxury brand. Since January 2022, I have joined the Data service center of another major French luxury account as coordinator and manager of continuous improvement.

My daily routine at Almond

My current mission is on the customer’s premises. The mutual support between consultants means that everyone learns from each other’s experiences. In addition to the various events planned between colleagues, the Group regularly organizes professional events bringing together teams from each Business Unit. This helps to strengthen relations between all employees.

Job offers in my business unit

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